Day of the Fidelity - 2014 » 14-12-2014
In keeping with the traditions of the city, awards were presented on the Day of Fidelity to individuals and communities which had made contributions to the preservation of the traditions and culture of Sopron or to the administration of the city, or had made outstanding achievements in social service, medicine, teaching or sports, or helped contribute to the development of the scientific and cultural life of the city.
Inauguration on the Day of Fidelity » 10-12-2013  
Sopron's local goverment unveils and inaugurats the sculpture of Count Miklós Bánffy on the 14th of December, the Day of Fidelity at 11:00 a.m. in Erzsébet Park. The Highest Award of the City of Sopron will be presented at 15:00 a.m. in Ferenc Liszt Conference and Cultural Center.
László Kövér is celebrating with the citizens of Sopron » 05-12-2012
To mark Day of Loyalty Sopron welcomes dr. László Kövér Chairman of the Parliament of Hungary, who is going to deliver a speech at the celebration on December 14th at 17.00 hours.
Sopron’s symbol renewed 27-11-2012
Sopron's local government will initiate the renewed Firetower, the new visiting centre and the Bailey promenade on 14th of December, on the day of loyalty Initiation ceremony begins at 17 o'clock on Fő square. The detailed programme will be reviewed early in December by local government.
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